About Us

With the model “FARMERS+BASE+COMPANY”, Sanmenxia Hongfong Fruits and Vegetables Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional fresh apple exporters. Relying on the fecund “No.1 Asia Mountain Orchards” and the golden triangle production area with Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan along the Yellow River, We produce best quality and no harmful fruits and vegetables. Also because of morning dew and night clouds, the particular geographical environment which make apple tastes better than in other origin. With fruits and vegetables storage, processing and trading integrated, currently we have administrative stuff with nine person, thirty eight quality inspectors and packing workers three hundred and seventy. Since the company founded in 2010, we have exported fresh apple more than one hundred thousand tons, obtained foreign exchange reaching to more than one hundred million US Dollars and expanded employment and continuous increasing income of more than two thousand and one hundred households. For that and good reputation, in 2012, we are rewarded as “State A” by customs. In 2013, we are rewarded as the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization by Sanmenxia government.